Dustin Johnson Had A Very Dustin Johnson Answer As To Why He Didn’t Wear Shorts Today When Allowed

For the second straight year, the PGA of America allowed the PGA Championship field to wear during the tournament’s practice rounds. Given temperatures were in the mid 90s on Monday (with a real feel in the 100s), most of the field took advantage of the relaxed dress code. Here was Phil and Rory rocking the shorts. One notable that did not, however, was World No. 1 Dustin Johnson. Many chalked this up to the fact that DJ doesn’t look like he’s sweated a single day in his life. But, speaking to the media on Tuesday at Bellerive, Johnson had a slightly less complicated answer for rocking pants in the Missouri heat.

“Yeah, I definitely forgot to pack them,” Johnson said.

“I mean, today I was playing, I was going to play really early this morning so it wasn’t going to be too hot so I just wore pants,” Johnson continued. “And I did it last year and at Quail Hollow, and it almost felt kind of weird wearing shorts, especially when I wear pants every single day out here. At home I do wear them a bunch, but yeah, I definitely forgot.”

I sort of can’t blame him. When you’re girl is Paulina Gretzky, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is putting clothes on. DJ gonna DJ, which brings me to my next point. DON’T DO DRUGS KIDS:via Golf Digest