Golf Pro Also Named Tommy Fleetwood Got Tommy Fleetwood’s Open Championship Earnings Deposited Into His Account By Mistake

You know the feeling of waking up to an email that your account balance is low, how about waking up and finding out that your bank account just hit the lottery.

That’s what happened to this guy also named Tommy Fleetwood. An error was made when PGA Tour professional Tommy Fleetwood’s earnings from the Open Championship was accidentally deposited into a golf pro’s bank account, who also is named Tommy Fleetwood: (click image to see full screen shot)

How does this even happen? I can tell you right now if that happened to me, my first call would be to Wells Fargo “uh yes good morning, I’d like to withdraw my entire bank account please”. If I’m Tommy Fleetwood I’m pretty much just going to start asking for my check to be given to me old school giant check form: