How To Properly Line Up Your 4th Putt

By now you are probably feeling some shame. You just missed your 3rd putt and it’s been a horrendous nine. You’re already 15 over par, the cart girl rejected you, and the thought of playing 9 more holes makes you vomit in your mouth a little.

After making a tremendous 20 footer on the 8th hole for double bogey, you hit the 9th green in regulation and are a sure thing for a par. Finally. But the golf Gods have other plans.

Your first putt whizzed by the hole 8 feet, you blame the grain of the green, but we get it, you stink. Your par putt violently lips out and leaves you with a 3 foot knee knocker. The tension kicks in and the thought of 4-putting creeps into your mind, standing over the ball, you beg for mercy, but you try to steer your putt and miss the 3rd putt. Oh no… It happened

By now you probably want to snap every club in your bag, throw your clubs in the lake, and call it a career. I get it, I really do, but not today. But you’re not 5 putting on my watch. You make that double bogey with dignity. You see, double bogey’s are a test in faith. Withstanding a life full of double bogeys reserves you a special seat in the heavens of golf. For your playing partners, the 4-putt is like witnessing a train wreck. they want to look away, but they are forced to watch. On the inside they’re laughing their butts off at watching you die a little. That’s why you bury this one, you make that 4th putt and you make it with a smile. Line that sucker up just like you would every other putt, drill it and tip your cap.

You just 4-putted, and no one is better at burying that 4-putt than you. It’s the little things like this that really keep the motivation going through a round of golf. It’s the small wins like this. The one shot that brings you back for more. Bury that sucker. Bury it with pride.