Tiger vs Phil $10 Million Dollar Match Date Has Been Set

The big head to head match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is officially on. Perhaps the two playing a practice round together yesterday was to button up the details to this match.

After a couple months of planning and speculating, the match is set to take place Thanksgiving weekend (Friday or Saturday) at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. This according to Mike Greenberg of ESPN.

The head to head match will likely be a prime time event which is going to be great television. For those that remember Shells Wonderful World of Golf and The Skins Game, this is going to be must see TV.

The two players will be mic’d up which will also provide us even more entertainment. There hasn’t been word yet on a secondary match to sort of fill some gaps between shots, but we expect there will be another match going on in front of them.

This is going to be glorious, Thanksgiving weekend is perfect for me too, it gives me plenty of excuses to get away from my crazy family and glue myself to my TV while watching this. Vegas is a perfect venue for this too, we need a giant stack of cash lugged around the course with them like it’s the World Series of Poker.