Video: Golfers Get Pelted By Monster Sized Hail

What’s worse than battling your own issues with your golf game, how about being pelted by hail the size of baseballs in the middle of your round.

That exactly what happened to these folks during their round at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado: check out the video and the pictures below are insane (video: language warning)

This is insane. When the golf Gods start launching baseballs at me, it’s time to reconsider this game because they’re trying to tell me something that I just am not grasping. When they need to throw millions of golf ball/baseball sized hail at me, the message becomes a little clearer. Time to hang it up.

This is what the Broadmoor looked like after the hail stopped: That’s a lot of ball marks to repair. As for the cars in the parking lot, they didn’t fair any better: Holy cow. Luckily no one was severely injured, though I did read that one of these guys in the video took one off the toe and busted it up pretty good. My only regret is they didn’t turn around and keep filling the carnage once they got under the tunnel. Huge missed opportunity there.

Thanks to J. Crane for sending us this video.