Intro: SuperSpeed Golf Training System

Let’s face it, everybody wants to hit the golf ball further. Tour players today are hitting the ball further than ever before, and if you want to compete at a high level, length off the tee is huge. Not to mention, it’s the sexy shot. Like Hank Haney says, nobody goes to a baseball game to see bunt singles. Chicks dig the long ball plain and simple.

According to the creator of the strokes gained system Mark Broadie, “an extra 15-20 yards off the tee can be worth up to 3 strokes per tournament.” This is huge, especially for those that play in tournaments like I do.

Broadie brings up the statistic that PGA Tour players take 2.98 strokes to hole out from 160 yards and 2.91 from 140 yards. Although it’s less than 1/10th of a stroke, it can be significant over the course of 72 holes. The increase in distance outweighs the potential missed fairways

If you watch the top drivers of the golf ball (DJ, Koepka and Rory), they all bang it down there as far as they can and they don’t care if it goes into the rough. Why? Because they’ve hit it so far that it doesn’t even matter.

So I analyzed my game and decided to do something about it.

I’ve documented before how being a +2 handicap has sort of put me in golf purgatory. I’m not good enough to make a living on mini tours, but I’m good enough to take the money of my closest friends.

Over the past year I’ve worked hard on two weak areas of my game; short game and mental game. I’ve done this by changing the way I practice and I’ve listened to many sports psychology audiobooks on the mental side of golf. I’ve seen vast improvements in my game going from a 2 handicap to a +2. But at this point, improving from here is going to take something else. I’ve now begun working on fitness and increasing my distance.

I’ve done some research and came across the SuperSpeed Golf Training System. This system advertises that you can increase your swing speed 5-8% in 4-6 weeks. For someone like me who swings my driver at about 112mph, an increase on the low end of 5% would put me around 118mph.

Via Trackman: Every mph of swing speed translates to 3 yards of carry. The increase of 6mph swing speed for me would equate to an increase of 18 yards in carry. That’s huge.

I’ve played with a few mini tour players that had these in their bag and they swear by it, so we decided to give it a go, check out our introductory video to the system.

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