Under Armour Employees No Longer Allowed To Expense Strip Club Visits

CNBCUnder Armour Inc. employees received an email earlier this year that upended a longstanding company practice: They could no longer charge visits to strip clubs on their corporate cards.

Over the years, executives and employees of the sports-apparel company, including Chairman and Chief Executive Kevin Plank, went with athletes or co-workers to strip clubs after some corporate and sporting events, and the company often paid for the visits of many attendees, people familiar with the matter said.

The company tells CNBC that it will continue to address inappropriate behavior as it strives to create a “respectful and inclusive workplace.”

Right now, there’s some poor guy sitting at his computer reading this email from corporate going “damn it, we were allowed to expense this the whole time?!”. I blame this on Jordan Spieth. The guy looks like he’s never seen the inside of a strip club in his life.

Someone really didn’t think this through, if you are a clothing company, wouldn’t it make sense to go to a place where people don’t wear clothes to, you know, market your brand? Maybe you’re not going to the club for the entertainment, what if you are taking a client there for lunch? We all know strip clubs have the best food.

This is Outrageous. Under Amour making work conditions unacceptable. Shame on them. This is how terrorists win. Pray for Under Armour.