A Putting Tip That Can Improve Your Short Game

What you see vs where you aim are two completely different things when it comes to putting. This is one of the best putting tips I’ve ever received and it has helped my game tremendously, so I’m passing along to you.

When it comes to aiming your putts, as you’ll learn from the video below, where you see the apex and where you aim are two totally different spots. Sounds simple, but nearly all amateur golfers aim at the apex of the putt’s break, thus missing putts below the hole.

Allow me to explain visually before you watch the video; when a putt breaks, the apex is the highest point of break on the path to the hole. Aiming at the apex isn’t what you want to do. Most amateurs do exactly this. They visualize the putts path and aim at the apex. The result is a missed putt below the hole.

The first thing you want to do when reading a green is find the apex, but find a point on the green that will allow your putts to reach that apex.

As you can see in our awful graphic above, the aim point and the apex point are two completely separate spots on the green. The aim point will give you the starting point of your putt that will result in your putt following the line you have chosen, aiming at the apex won’t allow this to happen.

For a video reference, see the video below for a demonstration.

Who said they wouldn’t use geometry in their everyday lives?!?