Steve Stricker Made An Ace In The Opening Round Of Sr. Players And Celebrated Like Total Doofus

Steve Stricker vaulted himself into the lead of the 2019 Senior Players Championship in style, with an ace from 182 yards. The 7 iron from Stricker bounced, rolled and went right into the cup, and he celebrated like you totally would expect.

What the heck is this?! This is like every stereotypical mocking of a white dude I’ve ever seen. It’s like he just checked out of a pickup basketball game at his local YMCA after finally scoring one basket. When I get my first ace, I’m bull dancing around that tee box like I’m Happy Gilmore, and that’s if I don’t have a heart attack. You might say, “well he probably has a few aces”, I don’t care, whether I make my 1st ace, or 15th ace, I’m celebrating the same exact way.

Stricker has an early 3 shot lead at the SENIOR PLAYERS, he’s currently 5 under in the 1st round which was suspended due to lightning. He currently leads by 3 shots over Paul Goydos.