Review: The Golf Club 2019 Featuring The PGA Tour For PS4, XBOX & PC

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The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA Tour was released a couple months ago and I was one of the people that downloaded it on day 1. The game is available for digital download and also in stores. (It’s cheaper to digitally download)

I’m going to be honest, right out of the gate, I didn’t like the game. The reason I didn’t like the game was because I was so used to the EA Sports Tiger and Rory games. The Golf Club is a very realistic golf game that doesn’t feature the gimmicky power boosts and spinning of the golf ball in mid air like the EA games. This makes the game much more realistic. I also didn’t like the game because of the putting, more on that below. Although the game currently doesn’t feature any real PGA Tour professionals, there are several PGA Tour courses in the game, as well as a number of user created courses that replicate popular courses around the world (For example, someone created Augusta National, St. Andrew’s. etc). That’s what is great about this game, most popular courses that don’t come with the game, have been created. Some courses are classics, and some are goofy.  Both make the game a blast to play. 

The game features a few game modes that make the game fun whether it’s a round by yourself or online with friends in an online society (join ours, DWMP Country Club) where you can play in tournaments together. The game also features a PGA Tour career mode where you go through qualifying school and make your way onto the tour before advancing to the PGA Tour.

Here’s a sample of the game play itself:

As far as the actual game play, it’s very much similar to the style of golf games we have played in the past. You use the joystick to swing through the ball. You can zoom ahead to see where you are aiming, you can add sidespin to hit a draw/fade/hook/slice and you can increase or decrease loft to hit the ball high or low.

I highly recommend using the “beginner” clubs to play with as the swing meter is much less sensitive versus the pro and expert modes. (Note you will sacrifice distance for accuracy using beginner clubs). To this day I’m still using the beginner clubs to some success.

Putting took a little getting used to. In the old EA games, you basically set how far to hit your putt with the curser then made your stroke. In The Golf Club, putting is entirely feel. You aim your putt like normal, but when it comes to how far the putt goes, that is entirely feel. After a couple of rounds, you can dial this in pretty easily. This made putting very realistic in my opinion. With The Golf Club taking over the PGA Tour license, I expect down the road PGA Tour players being added to the game, right now there aren’t any. As far as club brands, right now you are just playing with a bunch of generic equipment, I expect that to change down the road as well. I will warn, the announcer is horrendous. It’s almost like they grabbed a failing broadcast student and made them the voice because they didn’t have any budget money left.

The Golf Club is a solid game that fills the void left by EA Sports after leaving the world of golf games. There are still a couple of bugs in the game itself that I expect the developers to fix down the road. If you are someone that likes to play sport video games like me, then I recommend getting The Golf Club.