DWMP – 2019 Year In Review

2019 has been a great year for DWMP. The year started out with the original group being shut down to rebooting and coming back stronger than ever. Over 37,000 of us and growing every day.

As we come to the end of 2019, I wanted to put together a “best posts of the year” type article but it’s impossible to organize them 10-1. Instead, I’m just going to list some of my favorite posts, comments, moments of the year. If I miss something please remind me. Our admin team did a great job sifting back through some goodies, there are SO many, it was hard to narrow them down, but here we go

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This post lead to over 600 comments and spawned a lifestyle in DWMP. Sadly Steve is no longer with us, some can’t quite handle the fame.

The Jersey Shore Midget: This guy took an absolute beating in the comment section. After this was posted, he was gone within hours. The carnage sadly became too much for him to handle. Rumor has it he went back to work full time as a road cone on the Jersey Shore and part time with the lollipop guild.

The Tampa Bros: These guys shot themselves into superstardom with their post over the Summer and I laugh every time I see it. Just two bros absolutely killing it is low key one of my favorite posts from the group. The Jay Leno looking MF and the dude that looks like he eats penis for sport are just brilliant. I needed more from these guys but I’m afraid nothing they do will live up to this.

Feherty & Paige – One of my prouder moments. Now we all know where 310 came from, it sort of became the mantra of the group. This lead us to a filming of Feherety where we got a clip from the man himself.

Side note: I gotta say, Feherty was really cool about this. After filming his show, he meets and greets everyone that was in the audience. Most of the people are quick with a picture. I was one of the last people in line to meet him. When I met him, I gave him the Cliff Notiest of Cliff Notes version and asked him if he could say the line, he laughed and was more than happy to do it. Such a great dude! Huge moment for DWMP for sure.ALSO: One of our members, Lindy Sullivan was able to get Paige to do the same thing while he was at the World Am in Carolina: AMAZING

Dick Chin – I’m not sure if anything will ever top this post and what commenced from SmashMouth Jay. But his golf selfie lead to a solid 2 weeks of nonstop entertainment, memes, hours of wasted time and the laughs didn’t stop coming and 🎵 they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming 🎵:
All I could think when seeing this post originally is ” OHHH NOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGG?!?!?!” Then, the memes broke out and they didn’t disappoint. These don’t even do it justice, there’s so many memes 
At one point during all of this, I had to put in for a wellness check on SmashMouth Jay, it had been hours and his post was getting absolutely LIT up in addition to the memes, the comments were just electric and he went completely silent. I was going to offer him a DWMP tee shirt for bringing me so much joy
Jay ended up leaving the group to let the dust settle. But he ended up joining us again a few days later, the welcome back post lead to more madness

Then, the memes resumed: Jay was the gift that kept on giving in 2019, I cant wait to see what he shaves onto his face in 2020.

BK – What was once thick, is no more:

Bylock – The gift that kept on giving. JB was a national treasure. The official mascot of Florida man. That meth head provided so much entertainment to the group, but all good things come to an end and Bylock is no more with DWMP.

Anthony vs. Courtney – Anthony vs the 1st Lady lived up to the hype. A straight up match between the two ended with one of them nearly quitting the group. Anthony was very confident heading into the match, but Courtney defeated Anthony on the 17th hole to win the match and Anthony took a beating for it.

Ass Slappin – Another post that had us all rolling. I gotta give it to this guy, contrary to how this looks, he has huge balls. I cant even imagine the thought process to all of this. The dude puts on his wife’s underwear, goes out in the backyard and films this.

The Vomit Dude – This was posted a week into 2.0 and was an instant classic.

Callie – Amy Schumer’s doppleganger has been another gift to the group that keeps on giving. She can bust balls and talk crap with the best of us. She can take it, for the most part, when she’s not on the rag. Her posts usually lead to some great comment sections. Some comments apparently broke her and she left the group, but like always, they come begging for more. Callie wanted back in, and I wasn’t letting her back in without an apology video for going soft. And she delivered:

Remembering Jeff Sanders – I did want to take a moment to remember an amazing member that we lost this year. Jeff Sanders sadly passed away earlier this year and even-though none of us ever met Jeff, we were all saddened by this news.
We may bust balls in this group, but one thing we do is rally around each other. Jeff’s loss was a prime example of this. Many members reached out to his wife, sent condolences, and helped us raise money to go towards expenses his family had relating to his passing. Jeff was an icon in the group and every time he commented, it was pure gold.  He will forever be missed. RIP Jeff! Keep hitting them straight up there!

Honorable Mentions 

Butthole mouth and crew.

DWMP taking over Bay Hill and the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Kiradech Aphibarnrat was the man!

This fruit who thought this was a good idea:

Anthony showing some athleticism, or the effects of gravity, not sure which…

The 600 lb flop shot… RIP Frankie Figgs

Anthony losing his belt to Ricky D and the South Florida crew

This guy, RIP to him and his ripped jeans

Gaskill, RIP to the head chief of the grammar police department.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic 2019, looking forward to another year with all you maniacs and we look forward to providing more content in 2020. The new year will be bringing lots of new things including more content on our website, podcasts and even more merchandise. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below!!