Comparing The Titleist Pro V1 To The Titleist AVX Golf Ball

For the first time in a long time, Titleist has released a new premium golf ball. Since 2000, the Titleist Pro V1 has been their only premium golf ball by Titleist with other mid/lower tier balls along the way. Earlier this year, Titleist released the AVX, a premium golf ball which falls in the same price tier as the Pro V1 at $48/Dz. I had to try it out.

The first round I played with it, I was blown away. It took me a few holes to realize that each club is going about 1 club further. I also noticed that the ball doesn’t spin as much, which likely lead to the additional carry.

So today, I decided to take each ball to my local PGA Tour Superstore and wanted to confirm just how much further it was flying. I hit several shots with each ball with a 7 iron and compared notes. Here’s what I found: The AVX comes off a little hotter at an average speed of 121.6. Now I did miss hit one of the Pro V1’s which knocked that average down to 118.7, but even if we take away that one miss hit, the Pro V1 averaged 120.6. A full MPH slower than the AVX, which alone can attribute to a gain of 3 yards or so.

Next, and the biggest difference to me, was the backspin rates. The AVX spun nearly 1,000 RPM’s LESS than the Pro V1, which has a lot to do with the added distance. Those two variables of speed and spin lead to a carry distance difference of 10 yards for me. The reduced spin makes the AVX penetrate harder than Tiger at a Denny’s,

The side spin being higher with the AVX surprised me, because in the rounds I played with the AVX, I actually found it harder to work the ball just because it spins less. The two sidespin readings of 368, 583 on the Pro V1 are likely not accurate on that part of the test, which may skew that number.

Next was the wedges, I wanted to see how a ball that spins less does, especially with the wedges. The one thing I noticed about the AVX while playing with it, is that it doesn’t quite back up as much as the Pro V, so I tested that out with my 58 degree to see the difference there: 

Launch angles, ball speed and carry distances were nearly identical across the board, but the backspin rate on the AVX again was significantly lower again. This would explain why the Pro V1 backs up 3-4 feet for me on the green, and the AVX is usually right next to its own pitch mark and sometimes even a foot past my mark. I didn’t get a chance to hit both of these balls with my woods because I unfortunately didn’t have them with me at the launch monitor, but I can say first hand playing both these balls and seeing these stats, it’s more of the same. The AVX carries further and spins less with less backspin. Something that is ideal off the tee.

As far as feel around the greens, both balls felt very similar, the Pro V1 may have a little more bite to it when it came to chipping, but both reacted and felt great.

The AVX is a great ball put out by Titleist, I have put it in my bag for the remainder of this season. Playing longer courses, anywhere you can pick up a little extra distance, and even hit straighter, is always a good thing.