Review: BirdieBall Putting Mat

Working on my game is something that I am always doing. If you live with me, you’ll see me randomly get up, grab a club out of my bag, and start rehearsing my takeaway. It’s borderline weird, I know, but I am addicted to this game.

One thing I also love to do is work on my putting stroke. I currently have a little mat that I use that’s about 3 feet long that lets me work on those little testers, which has improved my game to an extent.

Last week, we put a post out on our Facebook page asking people what products they want to see tested/reviewed. Not that I needed an excuse to buy golf stuff, but I wanted to see what people were interested in.

We got numerous responses and one of them I looked into was the BirdieBall Putting Mat. I looked into it, and decided to order one for myself. Below, you will find my review of the product, which I have kept and been utilizing each of the last couple days since I got it in the mail. Enjoy!

I love that I have an indoor product that I can take out and use whenever I want to get a putting session in. I have to admit, the material seemed weird to me at first. As I pointed out in the video, it looks like a giant pool noodle, but it reacts and rolls very true. Being able to work on putts in the range of 12-15 feet is huge, these could be par saves and birdie putts converted that will lower your score. Something I can now practice without leaving home.

For a tool like this that can improve your putting, it really isn’t a bad price either. You can customize the mat and get it within your budget and price range. I went with the 4 foot wide x 16 feet long mat. This is a perfect size for my living room. The 4 feet in width is just the right size to be able to stand on the mat comfortably and have room to putt.

I highly recommend this product and if you have any other products you would like us to review, please drop a comment below!

The BirdieBall putting mat can be ordered on their website by CLICKING HERE