2022 Holiday Gift Guide For The Golfer In Your Life

It’s that time of year, the time where golfers all across the globe are disappointed by gifts they receive from the people they love that just don’t understand their man really wants; Golf stuff. There’s nothing more exciting than opening up a gift that relates to the game of golf. Forget the ties, forget the socks, get something that really matters for the man in your life. Here are the top golf items on most golfers Christmas list for 2021.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat:

Amazon.com: PERFECT PRACTICE Perfect Putting Mat - Official Putting Mat of  Dustin Johnson, Compact Edition : Everything Else

One of the best indoor mats you’ll use. I’ve tried numerous putting mats from cheap generic ones, to more expensive options like the Birdie Ball Putting Mat, and the Perfect Practice mat takes the cake (mmmm cake) and it’s not even close. The mat is very well made, durable and rolls incredibly true. If this mat is good enough for Paulina Gretzky’s man, then it is good enough for me.

The mat comes in a couple different lengths, the 9.5′ (standard) mat and the 15.5′ (XL) mat. To be honest, the 9.5′ mat works just fine as you’ll get a great idea how your putts are rolling on line. But if you have the space, the 15.5′ mat will also work like a charm. Both can be left out or it can be rolled up and stowed away when not using. The mat can be used on hard floors or carpet so it’s suitable where ever you put it!


Hot-Z Cart Bag

A good quality bag doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Hot-Z line of golf bags are a solid option if you’re looking for a sharp looking, inexpensive bag this holiday season. My favorite bag is the USA edition cart bag and it is a beauty (also available in stand bag). The bag features a 14 way divider so you don’t need to worry about your grips getting jammed up at the bottom. Each club slides down its own individual slot with ease. Each bag also has a TON of storage with many different zippers for all your needs on course.


Wingman GPS/Speaker:

Bushnell Golf introduces Wingman GPS speaker | GolfMagic

The speaker game is starting to heat up in the golf industry as younger golfers get into the game. If you’re someone that likes to listen to some tunes on the course then this is the speaker for you. Bushnell recently released the Wingman GPS/Speaker and it’s an absolute home run. The sound quality is incredible, the built in magnet is very strong and it also will provide you yardage if you want it. I primarily use it for music but it does come with a ball marker sized/shaped button you can put in your pocket while you play and when you press the button, it will let you know the yardage you have to the green (front/middle/back). You can also program the button to have the speaker say funny things while your buddies hit terrible shots. This is the perfect device for someone that doesn’t mind music on the course.


Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor:

If you’re looking for a mobile launch monitor that won’t break the bank, the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is a fantastic option. It’s very easy to set up and use right out of the box. The monitor can be used indoors and outdoors (best results are outdoors) and is a great tool to have with you at the range. Within the app users can record a session, log each club by simply waving at the device (sensors detect which iron you’re using, really cool). The app itself will record each swing, show you stats on each shot including carry distance, ball speed and launch angle. You can then go back and view each shot and, view the swing from each shot and save your sessions. I found this most useful when dialing in my wedges and analyzing my terrible swing. It’s a fantastic device and you can’t beat the price.