DWMP Cup Series (Florida)

STABLEFORD GAME: Each week we will play using the modified stableford point system (see below). Players will keep their own gross score and turn in their card after the round. Our software will calculate your stableford score, no need to worry about keeping that.  

Target Score: Your initial target score is based on your handicap subtracted from 36. (Example: A 10 handicap will have a target of 26 points)

Earn points based on your actual scores:
Double Eagle: 16 Points
Eagle: 8 Points
Birdie: 4 Points
Par: 2 Points
Bogie: 1 Point
Double Bogie+ 0 Points

How you win each week: Highest score OVER your point target wins.
Example: You score 31 total points for game —> Your Target was 26 points —> Score for game is +5 (5 over your target)

Each week, Top 3 will pay out: 
1st place: 50% of pot
2nd place: 30% of pot
3rd place: 20% of pot 

Targets will change each week based on your play:
Shoot your target : Target remains unchanged
Within 3 of your target  : Target will go up or down 1
4 or more off your target : Target will go up or down 2

Point system used during season (we are currently in offseason)

Regular Events, Players Will Earn:
1st Place – 500 points
2nd Place – 300 points
3rd Place – 200 points
4th Place – 150 points
5th Place – 100 points
6th thru 10th – 50 points
11th thru 20th – 25 points

In Majors, Players Will Earn:
1st Place – 750 points
2nd Place – 450 points
3rd Place – 300 points
4th Place – 225 points
5th Place – 150 points
6th thru 10th – 75 points
11th thru 20th – 50 points

FINAL STANDINGS PAYOUT – Ends December 31, 2019

1st place – $100
2nd place – $50
3rd place – $25