DWMP Tour – Weekly Results

Disney LBV

Player NameTargetPts+/-New Target$
John Thompson3842+44072
Kevin Loichle1822+42072
Joel Phillips2125+42372
Justin Platt1312-11235
John Duval4038-239
Andrew Tomasi4542-344
Jeff Hawes3127-429
Matt Bradberry1612-414
Justin Faber3328-531
Jorge Castro2718-925
Matt Gesner3626-1034
Mario Rodriguez2211-1120

CTP: $25 each Andrew Tomasi x2, John Thompson
Skins: $37 each: John Thompson x2, Andrew Tomasi x2, Justin Faber, John Duval, Nick Price

Playoff Event #1 – Grand Cypress

Player NameTarget Points+/-New Target$
Kevin Loichle1635+1918110
Andrew Tomasi4349+64575
Don Puliafico2530+52750
Justin Platt1115+41335
John Duval3942+340
John Thompson3740+338
Mario Rodriguez2123+222
Matt Gesner3537+236
Jorge Castro2727027
Matt Bradberry1616016
John Valdez Crespo1211-111
Joel Phillips2220-221
Justin Faber3529-633

CTP’s: $20 ea: Matt Bradberry, John Duval x2, Justin Faber
Skins: $45 ea: Macky, John Duval, Andrew Tomasi x2, Nick Price, Matt Gesner

Player NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
Justin Faber3339+635100
Jorge Castro2529+42750
John Thompson3539+43750
John Crespo1212012
Matt Bradberry1616016
Joel Phillips2322-122
Kevin Loichle1715-216
Matt Gesner3733-435
Justin Platt138-511
Andrew Tomasi4536-943

CTP’s: $20 ea #3 Matt Gesner, #8 John Thompson, #11 Kris Mehrling, #15 Andrew Tomasi.
Skins: $30 ea: Matt Gesner x1. Jimmy McCants x3, Nick Price x2, Andrew Tomasi x1

Player NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
Jorge Castro2332+92594
John Thompson3342+93594
Albert Vargas3339+63546
Kevin Loichle1521+61746
Matt Gesner3540+537
Andrew Tomasi4447+345
John Valdez1113+212
John Duval3939039
Joel Phillips2323023
Matt Bradberry1616016
Mario Rodriguez2221-121
Justin Platt1413-113
Justin Faber3432-233

CTP’s ($20ea): Matt Bradberry, Andrew Tomasi, Albert Vargas, John Duval
Skins $27/ea: Andrew Tomasi x2, John Duval x2, Albert Vargas x2, Matt Gesner, John Thompson.

Player NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
Justin Platt1314+114$100
Matt Gesner3535035$70
Andrew Tomasi4543-244$42
John Thompson3432-233$42
Jorge Castro2421-323
Kevin Loichle1613-315
Matthew Bradberry1714-316
Mario Rodriguez2420-422
John Valdez138-511
John Duval4136-539
Jeffrey Hawes3327-631
Albert Vargas3528-733

CTP’s ($20 ea x4) : Jeff Hawes x2, Andrew Tomasi, Mario Rodriguez
Skins: $33 each – John Duval, Andrew Tomasi x2, Matt Bradberry, Jorge Castro, Mario Rodriguez

Player NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
Andrew Tomasi4350745$104
Matt Gesner3339635$60
Anthony Tomasi1925621$60
Mario Rodriguez2226424$18
Matt Bradberry1519417$18
Justin Faber3335234
John Crespo1313013
Jorge Castro2424024
John Duval4141041
Kevin Loichle1616016
Jeffrey Hawes3531-433
Justin Platt1511-413

CTP’s ($20 ea x4): Andrew Tomasi x2, Austin Lewis, Jeff Hawes
Skins: $36 ea: John Duval x2, Andrew Tomasi x2, Matt Gesner, Justin Faber

6/28 – Providence GC

Player NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
Andrew Tomasi4244243$112
John Thompson3334134$38
Mario Rodriguez2122122$38
Joel Phillips2223123$38
Albert Vargas3535035
Matthew Bradberry1515035
Justin Platt1614-215
Matt Gesner3432-233
Kevin Loichle1715-216
Anthony Tomasi2117-419
Jon Valdez159-613

CTP’s ($20 ea x4): Andrew Tomasi x2, John Thompson, Matt Gesner
Skins: ($56 ea): Andrew Tomasi x2, Albert Vargas x1

6/21 – Mayfair Country Club

PlacePlayer NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
1Justin Platt1716-116$80
2Justin Faber3431-333$55
T3Mario Rodriguez2318-521$20
T3Joel Phillips2419-522$20
5Anthony Tomasi2317-621
T6Andrew Tomasi4437-742
T6John Thompson3528-733
T8John Crespo179-815
T8Jorge Castro2618-824
T8Matt Gesner3628-834
T8Matthew Bradberry179-815

CTP’s ($20 ea x4): Andrew Tomasi, Jorge Castro, Cory Agid, Justin Faber
Skins: ($22 ea): Cory Agid x4, Jimmy McCants x2, Justin Faber x1

6/7 – Orange County National (MAJOR)

PlacePlayer NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
1Andrew Tomasi4251+944$120
2Matthew Bradberry1522+717$81
3Anthony Tomasi2126+523$57
T4John Valdez1519+417$21
T4Justin Faber3236+434$21
6Joel Phillips2326+324
7Jeffrey Hawes3435+135
T8John Thompson3535035
T8Kevin Loichle1717017
10Jorge Castro2726-126
T11Albert Vargas3733-435
T11Ross Vance2319-421
T11John Duval4339-441
T11Justin Platt1915-417
15Mario Rodriguez2516-923
NCMatt Villamil1919

CTP’s ($20ea x5): Andrew T (2), Jeff H, Mario, Matt B
Skins: ($20ea): Andrew T (6), Joel (1), Mario (1), John D (1)

5/31 – St. Cloud GC

PlacePlayer NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
1Justin Faber30401032$118
2John Duval4149843$78
T3Kevin Loichle1618217$33
T3Matthew Bradberry1416215$33
T3Andrew Tomasi4143242$33
6Mario Rodriguez2425125
7Justin Platt2018-219
8Ross Vance2421-322
9Joel Phillips2521-423
10Donald Puliafico2722-525
T11Jorge Castro2923-627
T11Albert Vargas3933-637
13Doug Blackburn103-78
14Anthony Tomasi2315-821

CTP’s ($20ea): Andrew T, John D, Jorge C, Doug B
Skins: ($25ea): Duval x4, Andrew T x4
Starting next week, we will be flighting the skins game 10 or less and higher than 10 will be separate flights (SKINS ONLY)

5/24 – Eagle Creek GC

PlacePlayer NameTargetPoints+/-New Target$
1John Duval 39531441$112
2Andrew Tomasi3948941$75
T3Mario Rodriguez2226424$46
T3Justin Faber2832430$46
5Justin Platt2120-120
6Anthony Tomasi2422-223
7Donald Puliafico2825-327
T8John Thompson3732-535
T8Kevin Loichle1813-516
T10Jeffrey Hawes3630-634
T10Matthew Bradberry1610-614
T12Matt Villamil2112-919
T12Ross Vance2617-924
14Joel Phillips2716-1125

CTP’s ($18 ea): John Duval X3, Justin Faber X1
Skins: ($25 ea): Duval X5, Justin Faber X1, Andrew Tomasi X1, Donald Puliafico X1

Next week we will be at Royal St. Cloud! Course is in AMAZING shape! Registration will open Monday!